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We all know by now that the internet is not all fun and games.  If you are not careful, your system can easily become infected with content that reduces performance and may eventually leave it inoperable.  It is very important to keep your system safe as infections have the ability to spread themselves amongst your family, friends and co-workers by gaining unauthorized access to all of your email contacts and computers in the network.  More serious infections can even allow hackers to access your computer to initiate attacks on other machines, distribute mass mailings of unsolicited messages or even steal your personal information.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition is a great solution for users looking to protect themselves and save money while doing it.  This feature-rich, easy to use program does a great job at keeping you safe from the most crippling threats such as fast-spreading viruses, deceptive Trojan programs and self-replicating worms. 

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition offers industry leading security, fast updates from their online database, real-time protection and sophisticated file scanning to make sure your computer remains healthy and free of infections.  Security solutions from PC Tools are trusted and used by millions of people who understand the severity of protecting their business and home-based computers against internet threats.

List of Features  

•                     effectively protects your computer while allowing you to work on important projects, play video games or surf the web

•                     easily detects, isolates, disinfects and completely removes viruses, Trojan horses and worms

•                     uses IntelliGuard technology to protect your system against malicious threats in real-time

•                     automatically checks database for regular updates for information regarding the latest security threats

•                     support via online community forums

•                     completely free - no contracts, hidden fees or time limits


Lack of Features

•                     no protection against spyware, adware and more advanced types of malware

•                     no spam filter

•                     no personal firewall

•                     limited technical support


Product Summary: Ignores the "You Get What You Pay For" Theory

This comprehensive software is very user-friendly and well suited for beginners.  The interface features very few buttons to limit the level of frustration while highlighting the most important functions.  Checking the status of your computer, scanning the system for viruses and switching the real-time protection feature on or off is all as simple as clicking one button.  Speed of the scan is average for this type of product and can be set to a convenient schedule with ease. 

While this is a free version of PC Tools' feature software, the overall differences are rather minimal.  You will receive essential updates with both editions, though the free edition is a bit slower.  The built-in Help function is also rather basic.  A novice user may find it difficult to navigate through this area while the average user will long for more information in regard to configuration options.  While the program does provide a feature for email message tagging, these options cannot be configured by the user.  In any event, those looking for a quality anti-virus tool will truly benefit from many of the default settings and completely enjoy this reliable, free software. 

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