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Spam continues to be an ongoing problem that plagues almost every user on the internet.  These nagging unsolicited messages typically come offering unwanted services and products.  Most recent times have witnessed spam carrying worms, malicious infections and even worse, treacherous schemes that may lead to identity theft. 

The evolution of spam has opened the market wide for an array of products designed to keep out this undesirable content.  In your search for the perfect spam solution, you will find numerous programs that range from affordable to rather costly.  Believe it or not - some of the best protection can be provided by quality freeware. 


SpamdelPOP3 has you covered when it comes to keeping out those unwanted emails.  This program works as a utility that helps manage your mail while filtering out spam before it hits your inbox.  Email-born threats will not longer be a concern as this software allows you to delete infectious messages directly on the mail server.  SpamdelPOP3 is the idea choice when you're looking to cut costs, block aggravating spam and reduce the risk of contracting crippling viruses.

Product Overview  

Spamdel's latest anti-spam software comes with an appealing interface that makes way for easy customization.  The program is highly compatible with popular applications such as Outlook, Outlook Express and nearly any available mail client on the market.  SpamdelPOP3 supports multiple servers and email accounts.  The vendor stands by its claim that this anti-spam freeware comes bundled with absolutely no adware and spyware. 

Spamdel offers convenience by displaying your entire message right on the server, saving precious resources on the hard drive.  Mail can be easily viewed, deleted and forwarded to your preferred email client to be accessed at a later time.  In contrast to most email utilities, Spamdel uses advanced technology to provide improved protection against spam and potential threats. 

SpamdelPOP3 is a feature-rich application that will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

•                    - the option to sign the program online at your leisure

•                     -supports both dial-up and cable connections

•                     -ability to dial-up a desired host and hangup or disconnect at a set time

•                     -conveniently store mail in a server cache

•                     -the ability to view mail even when you're not online

•                     -protection against email threats

•                     -audio and visual notifications to keep you informed of message status

•                    - automatically checks your mail whenever you sign online

•                    - receive instant notification when spam is detected and quarantined

•                    - compliments many widely used email managing programs

The biggest knock on anti-spam software is the misconception of what is truly spam.  Too many times, recipients will lose legitimate emails of importance - all because they were wrongly categorized into a spam folder.  Over time, this folder may be emptied because action was not taken and those messages are lost forever.  SpamdelPOP3 is rather efficient at distinguishing spam from legitimate email.  If an important message happens to be filtered out of your inbox, the software will give notification in which you can then examine the folder and restore email.

Conclusion - Cheaply Keep Spam Out

While spam is a terrible annoyance, it doesn't have to be an expensive, frustrating experience for you.  There are many products like SpamdelPOP3 that will help you filter out the junk and restore order to your mailbox.   


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You can protect your computer from viruses without expensive software. Instead, follow these simple tips:

Stay up-to-date on all system updates.

Don't download any email attachments you weren't expecting.

Avoid freeware and peer-to-peer sharing sites.

Use alternative web browsers and email software.