All-in-One Software: Panda

Panda is another solution available for all of your security needs.  While the interface of their Internet Security 2008 edition looks rather similar to last year's software, the company has included a few exciting new features.  Like Norton 360 and BitDefender Total Security 2008, Panda's new program offers system performance tuning along with a backup utility.  The most notable change is the on-demand scanner, a module that uses advanced technology to stop malware dead in it's tracks.  Though this product is an obvious upgrade, not all changes were made for the better. 

Clean Interface

The main interface screen of the Panda Internet Security 2008 displays software status in four main panes: security protection, unwanted content filters, updates and subscription and optimization and backup.  Each of these panes can be expanded to either view a more detailed status or to make adjustments to program settings.  If there is a problem, a specific pane displays a red tint along with an "Attention" notice.  While there isn't a particular button that repairs all problems, Panda's self-diagnosis test will handle the task of fixing the most outstanding issues. 

Robust Features   

Panda Internet Security 2008 has used its TruPrevent technology to fend off threats for sometime now.  TruPrevent is specially designed to protect your system against infections too new or advanced to be detected by signature scanners.  As usual, this feature seems to work very well.  Here is a warning: if your system is working with less than 500 MB of memory, the Panda installer will skip the installation of TruPrevent without notification.  To ensure that you have the protection of this amazing feature, open the Security Protection panel and look for the line that reads "Protection against unknown threats."  The box should be checked as "OK" or will indicate that this feature needs to be installed.  Considering how powerful the TruPrevent scan is, it would be nice if the program gave notification of why this component wasn't installed. 

Panda's signature based scanner isn't too bad either.  It uses technology from the company's TotalScan module for online scanning. Panda has named this new technology Megadetection.  Megadetection has the ability to scan files on access and also those received via email, instant message or download.  It allows you to initiate a scan of the entire system, specific files on a disk, or email content.  There is a wizard that enables you to schedule custom scans with intervals that range from hours, days to years.  The inconvenience of this feature is the fact that it is disabled by default, a drawback to users looking for maximum out-of-the-box protection.

In some cases you may find that security suites that excel at blocking and removing malware isn't as efficient at keeping out hackers - Panda Internet Security 2008 does not fall into that category.  This program has the ability to keep out sophisticated spyware by building a virtual fortress around your computer.   

Safety protection, even without automatic configurations

Aside from a few helpful configurations that don't come preset, Panda Internet Security 2008 is a winner.  With the combination of Megadetection and other advanced technology, this program is sure to keep your computer safe from the wide range of threats lurking on the web. 

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