What is The Best Web Browser?

How do you surf the web? When it comes to web browsers, there are many from which to choose. Everyone is familiar with Internet Explorer, but alternatives like Firefox and Opera are widely used as well. Each will take you wherever you want to go on the web, but which one is the best? Let's find out.

Most Secure Browser

While most security experts recommend the Firefox browser, many agree that Internet Explorer 7.0 is far more secure than previous versions and is making ground as a leader in security. Some of the new features include an improved security management function that allows you to disable Active X, a URL parser to block malicious software and sophisticated anti-phishing technology to protect you from internet scams. Internet Explorer 7 is the first and only web browser to be coined as EV-ready. EV (Extended Validation) describes a technology that protects users directly through the browser bar, displaying a green color when visiting a legitimate site. Version 7 also comes with simple and effective parental controls, features that aren't readily available in Firefox.

Fastest Browser

According to several tests and reviews, Opera is currently the fastest and most efficient browser available. Though it only has a small following, Opera includes many of the features in Firefox and comes with a few exclusives as well. This browser is able to offer better performance because it consumes fewer resources with several options for easy customization. The most recent version comes equipped with various widgets to enhance the look and feel of your browser along with support for BitTorrent, a widely used file distribution system. While the security isn't on the level of Firefox or the new Internet Explorer, Opera includes a number of built-in features to keep you safe on the web.

Best Macintosh Browser

With the outbreak of phishing attempts, security experts no longer recommend use of the Safari browser on Macintosh systems. Camino offers a more reliable solution with all the functions and features of other Mac browser options. Camino claims few resources with a small file size, smooth integration with various Mac services, fast page rendering and easy customization. In contrast to other Macintosh applications, it integrates features commonly found on Windows systems, such as the cursor-over display function. The interface is simple yet and attractive, with speed that some of the best browsers can't beat. Several tests reveal that Camino retrieves pages significantly faster than Firefox and Safari.

Best All-Around Browser

The Firefox browser offers the ideal combination of great performance and security. Users prefer it because of extreme usability, small size, comprehensive features and lack of Active X security vulnerabilities. Firefox allows the secure customization of your web browsing experience with features like tabbed browsing, a download manager, password manager, an RSS reader, pop-up blocking, customizable searches and themes, automatic updates and more. Firefox supports a number of extensions to enhance the functionality of web-based applications and implement parental controls. Firefox is currently available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X systems.


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