With more and more people using computers, cell phones, and other technological devices to share, store, and create important personal documents; the data they contain is becoming increasingly valuable. That is why practicing regular backups is so critical. Unfortunately, however, most people still do not perform backups of their important data.

The excuse? Too little time or knowledge of the backup software and programs available. If this describes you, you'll be happy to know backups are much simpler and faster than you previously thought. In fact, one of the leading online backup software that you might like to look into is Carbonite, an affordable software which backs up all your computer files to the cloud securely and automatically. 

If you're still not convinced, you should learn more about why computer backup in particular, is so important - particularly for small business and any individual users who store important financial or personal information (such as digital photos) on their computers. 

To get started, read up on how to backup your data. If you're in the market for backup software, you'll want to know more about what to look for - including what the best backup software programs have in common.

Of course, software is not your only option. Online backup is also becoming increasingly popular, as it can often be the most convenient and easy option for those looking to ensure their data is secure. Similarly, offsite backup may be the best option for some. But are tapes or hard drives the way to go?

And beyond your computer, there are other devices you should consider backing up. Perhaps most important of which, is your digital camera. Digital cameras have soared in popularity over the past decade or so, and have almost taken over the photography market. However, despite the fact that so many people are using digital cameras to take stock of important memories, few are taking the time to ensure those memories will be safe in the event of a mechanical failure. Don't be one of them - learn more about camera backup.


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You can protect your computer from viruses without expensive software. Instead, follow these simple tips:

Stay up-to-date on all system updates.

Don't download any email attachments you weren't expecting.

Avoid freeware and peer-to-peer sharing sites.

Use alternative web browsers and email software.