Free Online Data Storage

Whether it pertains to business data or personal information on your computer, having a reliable system to back it up is crucial. While there are several available options, free online data storage is something you may want to consider. For many, this is a reliable offsite method of storage that offers convenience and an easy way to share data with others. The best part of all - it's free!

Free online storage services

There are numerous services that offer different types of free online storage, many of which are designed for people with an interest in uploading and sharing data. One of the most popular options is provided by Streamload.  This site allows you to lease a specific amount of space to store, organize, access and share personal data with any user you like. While there are premium packages, your subscription begins with 25 GB of free storage, more than enough for most users. When using this service, any of your files can be easily accessed from numerous interconnected devices. Accepted file types include various video formats, MP3s, images and text files. These files can be shared without restriction with any user who has an internet connection.

Streamload's latest service, MediaMax, has also become popular rather quickly. Not only does it offer free online data storage, but it doesn't enforce limits regarding files size or the amount of information you can upload. This is an ideal solution for storing and sharing your important video projects, as it gives users the ability to quickly browse through your selections.

This site also offers Grouper, a service that gives you the opportunity to share multimedia data directly from your personal computer. With Grouper, you can choose whom you would like to share files with and restrict access from others. If you simply want to store the data for recovery purposes, you can keep things secure by restricting access to only you. Streamline and similar service are reliable and a great place to store, share and retrieve data whenever necessary.

Yahoo offers free online backup storage

Another well known option for free online data storage is Yahoo Briefcase, provided by the internet superpower, Yahoo. While this service only offers temporary storage, it can be rather useful in many situations. Yahoo Briefcase gives you 30 MB of space when signing up for a Yahoo email account. You have the option of backing up private files, storing images, photos and saving documents. This method of storage is secure and the data can only be accessed by registered members with a corresponding username and password.

Aside from Streamload and Yahoo Briefcase, there are many other free online data storage providers. While these two services are totally free, keep in mind that most others are offered on a trial basis. Once the trial period expires, you will no longer have access to the service. Considering all of the benefits, it may be a good idea to invest into the service to ensure that your personal data can be restored in case of an unexpected disaster.

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