Backing up Your Business

For many companies, data stored on a computer is their most important asset. Without it, some businesses would fail to exist. This is why every business should perform weekly or daily backups of their critical data. With so many options available, a business owner may be unsure of where to start. Some methods of backup are more reliable than others, while others may be more convenient than some. In order to protect your business data, it is important to have a solution that is both reliable and convenient.

Our articles on business backup will explain some of the options available for backing up your business data and how they work.

Hard Disk Imaging

Hard disk imaging, often referred to as cloning, is a reliable solution for both home computer users and large businesses.  This type of system saves every piece of data on your hard drive. In the event of a complete system failure, hard disk imaging will allow you to restore everything. It is also the fastest and easiest method of data backup for the home user with little computer knowledge, as well as the busy business owner who doesn't have the time to manually backup files.

Remote Online Backup

Online data backup is a solution growing in popularity. This type of solution calls for your data to be stored on a secure server in a remote location. This option protects you from common disasters that may occur in your home or office, such as a fire, flood or robbery. A remote online backup system is also affordable and convenient, as your files can be transferred automatically. Using a remote storage service also gives you the assurance of additional security with the best software and hardware, locking your sensitive data in an impenetrable digital vault.

Storage Devices

Another good option for backing up your business data are external storage devices. These are simple, affordable and come in many different forms. The most common devices are external hard drives and modern inventions, such as encrypted flash drives. A flash drive can be easily plugged right into the USB port of your computer and typically comes with a capacity that will securely store all of your important files.

CD and DVD media also make great external storage units for people on the move. Similar to the old fashioned floppy disks, CD and DVD media allow you to store data quickly and have proven to be very reliable. With this option, backing up your data is often as simple as dragging and dropping files into the Windows interface and burning them to a disc.

Additionally, disk imaging backupp software should be used for any data stored on a server. These type of computers are capable of holding a tremendous amount of data, therefore keeping this information backed up ieasily and conveniently.

While there are many more solutions available for backing your data, the options listed above are more common and typically easier to implement. Some may be better suited for your business than others, but all will ensure that your data can be safely backed up and restored.

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