ZoneAlarm Anti-virus 7

ZoneAlarm Anti-virus gives you effective and the basic security you need for your PC. It comes equipped with protective features to fight off the new viruses of tomorrow. A couple of ZoneAlarm features include: Antivirus, Operating System Firewall, Network and Program Firewall, Game Mode, and Wireless PC Protection. The newest ZoneAlarm - Version 7 - comes with Antivirus shield to block both incoming and outgoing viruses and lets you dodge hackers, all for $19.95 or a 15-day free trial. This version also provides automatic updates, bug fixes and an Auto-Learn function to reduce unwanted security alerts.

Its easy-to-use firewall protection is a plus for novice users. Installing the latest ZoneAlarm software is novice-friendly, because it comes with a configuration wizard that quickly and easily leads you through the setup. Once installed, ZoneAlarm automatically scans your system for intrusive viruses and infections. Making it easy for everyday users to secure their PC and the personal documents stored on their computers. However, you can choose to opt out of the initial scan if you wish.

ZoneAlarm with Antivirus also provides users with a sleek and simple interface with sliding controls. Letting users to access the program's main modules by clicking once on the left-hand column. This software also sports a protective triple-layer firewall with customizing options.

So, expert users will enjoy their ability to control and manage ZoneAlarm's firewall and anti-virus features. Making it harder for hackers and spammers online to detect and break in to their ultra-secured system. As well as, ZoneAlarm's E-mail Protection lets users to open or delete file extensions from the list of email attachments scanned. In addition, the Zones feature allows users to pick different security levels for local networks and the Internet.

Check Point, the creators of ZoneAlarm also ventured many miles to make their software novice-friendly. The 10-part tutorial explaining ZoneAlarm's default settings will be greatly appreciated by new users.

The most notable feature in, ZoneAlarm's latest antivirus scanner is the Advanced Heuristic Detection algorithm. This detection feature can zoom in on brand-new viruses that haven't yet been identified or added as a virus in the virus-definition database. This software is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Window Vista.

ZoneAlarm Anti-virus: The Drawbacks

Although ZoneAlarm is novice-friendly as it is configuration friendly for experts, it still has a few drawbacks. Its drawbacks include:

  • The inability to detect spyware or instant-messenger attacks
  • The lack of phone support outside North America
  • The lack of privacy and identity features found in Pro version

ZoneAlarm Anti-virus: User Reviews

Despite the flaws, ZoneAlarm with Antivirus give users the basic protection they need for their PCs and is easy to install. Out of 124 votes, ZoneAlarm Antivirus 7, got an average of 4 shining stars out of 5 from users.

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