SPAMfighter Pro Protection Software

SPAMfighter Inc. Does It Best

As technology keeps abreast of the current needs of internet users, better spam filters and blockers are being developed. One of the top products available today is produced by the Denmark-based protection software developer, SPAMfighter Inc. This company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and they work together closely to develop antispam software solutions for Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express.

Rule Setting Options and Easy Installation

The SPAMfighter Pro's spam blocker is stacked with features that set it apart from other antispam applications. When looking for excellent antispam software, having the option to edit predefined rule settings as well as being able to create new rules is an important consideration. The SPAMfighter Pro allows the users to create their own whitelists of known contacts like family, friends, coworkers and other legitimate addresses and it also enhances the community blacklist protection by allowing for the creation of personal local exceptions.

This software is very easy to install and does not present a problem even for beginning computer users. After the software is installed, a new user account is created joining the user to the SPAMfighter Pro community. A valid email address and password gains the new user access to a worldwide community of users who are available for questions, answers and chat. The users are resources that feed into the online database of the spam blocker.

Easy Integration

The spam blocker does not slow down the computer system, and it runs imperceptibly in the background. Because the producer is a Gold Certified Partner with Microsoft, it is able to integrate without a problem with existing Microsoft installations. It will search automatically for server settings; find information that includes incoming and outgoing SMPT server, account username and password. The spam filter software imports the names of safe email senders from the contacts list, putting them on the whitelist of the spam filter software.

Join the SPAMfigher Community

The spam blocker uses a well-designed plug-in toolbar to become operational. This plug-in toolbar is intuitive to use and is easy to navigate. A statistics button is also added to the toolbar that provides information about the spam that is blocked on the local computer and also the spam that has been blocked within the SPAMfighter Pro's global community. It also provides information on the overall communication stats, providing the user information about how much spam the application has prevented for both the user and the SPAMfighter Pro community. Accessing the spam filter software's integrated toolbar allows users to report spam, phishing attacks and other undesirable emails in real time. Because the community is global - used in 18 different languages - once several reports have been made about the same email sender or domain address, all further emails from that known spammer are blocked.

Community Aids Spam Blocking

The communication of incoming emails is automatically evaluated by the spam filter software in an attempt to determine if it comes from a known spammer. If it has it is immediately sent from the user's inbox to the spam folder where it can be reviewed to determine whether it is spam or legit. The accuracy of spam blocking is dependent upon the involvement of the community. The more current the community is in terms of reporting spammers, the more successful the spam blocker will be. Having said that, the SPAMfighter Pro has a high success rating for blocking spam 95% of the time.

Malware Protection

Personal information is constantly under threat when subjected to spam, especially through email attachments that often contain keylogger applications. Email-borne viruses, worms and phishing attacks can all be filtered using SPAMfighter community-based filtering methods along with the filter in the software. Users can be protected from malware threats this way.

Where It Is Supported

Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird are all supported by SPAMfighter Pro - although the support is conditional. Messages must be downloaded using a Microsoft email client or Thunderbird. Yahoo users can obtain POP3 services for a fee but POP3 is free to Gmail users. There is no support for web-based Hotmail, MSN and other non-POP3 webmail services at this time.

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