PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition 3.6: Review

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition protects the valuable data and personal information you have stored on your PC from ongoing cyber-threats. With the advancements in software comes the wrath of new viruses, worms, and Trojans, which can infect your PC when you least expect it. Making it extremely important that you properly install anti-virus software and regularly update it.

If you don't use anti-virus software, you're putting your PC's health at risk of becoming infected. Once infected, hackers can access files and personal information, and also use your computer to send mass spam email or emails with virus-laden attachments to your mailing list. One way of protecting your PC's health and the personal information you have stored on your PC is by using PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition is a novice-friendly antivirus tool that sophisticatedly secures your PC and provides you with regular software updates. Its interface comes with a minimum of buttons, making it easy to use and control. Meaning, users can check their PC status, run a virus scan, and switch on or off real-time protection just by clicking one button.

You'll find scheduling basic full-scans simple to complete with PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition. And you don't have to worry about manually downloading updates, because the program automatically keeps itself up-to-date. PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition also provides Internet & e-mail protection and thoroughly scans your system to ensure your PC is safe and virus free.

Version 3.6 is improved and enhanced. This version is the freeware version of the publisher's antivirus tool, but the differences are barely noticeable. Version 3.6 includes the new "Ignore" option on the action list, an Overall Progress bar, and a better engine.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition: The Flaws

Although, Version 3.6 doesn't have many flaws, some include the updates being downloaded from a slow server, the inability to configure e-mail tagging options, and not being able to provide e-mail and phone support.

However, the biggest flaw of Version 3.6 resides in the basic Help function. Novice users might find it difficult to navigate through the Help menu. While, intermediate users may need more details before they make any configuration modifications.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition: User Reviews

Regardless, users looking for antivirus software that can be installed and used with default protection and automatically updates itself, will be pleased with the PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition 3.6.

Out of approximately 200 user reviews on average Version 3.6 received 3 stars out of 5.

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