All-in-One Software: Grisoft/AVG Technologies

AVG Technologies, formerly known as Grisoft, was once again awarded with the VB (Virus Bulletin) 100% Award in February of 2008.  This award was given due to the company's proven ability to detect every virus categorized in the wild, while producing very few false positives.  These outstanding revelations were made during Virus Bulletin's on-demand and on-access comparative scanning tests. 

New Features

Grisoft's award winning technology continues with AVG Internet Security 8.0, a fully functioning security suite.  This software has seamlessly integrated previous stand-alone applications, such as the AVG Anti-Virus and AVG Anti-Spyware, along with the AVG Anti-Rootkit and LinkScanner, to make one powerful package. 

The latest version features a totally revamped user interface and several refined elements that enhance performance and make the program more efficient at blocking security threats.  The LinkScanner is an advanced component that intercepts online content and scans it for probable exploits before allowing them to pass through the browser.  Unlike static phishing protection settings offered by McAfee and Google, AVG Internet Security 8.0 has the ability to block troublesome sites in real-time.  This gives AVG an advantage over the competition, as phishing sites have a good chance of slipping through static settings opposed to a real-time method. 

Aside from direct internet threats, AVG Internet Security 8.0 filters out annoying spam messages and protects exploits found within downloaded photos, audio and video files, instant messaging sessions, and peer-to-peer file sharing. 

Installation and Setup

Installing AVG Internet Security 8.0 is an easy process that requires no rebooting.  Users upgrading from an older AVG product must completely remove it before installing version 8.0. 

During the install, the software asks and recommends that you also install a security toolbar.  The toolbar it installs is essentially a search box provided by Yahoo.  Of course this is optional, as the LinkScanner technology can be used even without installation of the toolbar.   

AVG recommends that users proceed with the Firewall Wizard after the initial setup process has concluded.  The wizard will ask whether your computer is a standalone or part of a network then allows you to select commonly used programs that need online access.  From there the wizard walks you through the simple process of actually configuring the firewall.    

AVG Internet Security 8.0 offers quality technical support for the program via email.  The FAQ section on the AVG website is also very helpful with comprehensive answers to the most common questions.  A 172 page PDF manual can also be downloaded and used as a product tutorial.  The biggest knock against AVG's help system is the lack of technical support via telephone or online community forum. 


AVG Internet Security 8.0 has proven to be another quality product by this award winning company.  We did endure a few performance issues when running the anti-virus scanner, as the program seems to use a decent amount of system resources.  The best thing about this product is the smooth integration of AVG's Anti-Spyware and LinkScanner technology that keeps more advanced security threats out of your system.  While there are a few all-in-one suites that are able to provide equal protection, AVG has established a reputation for developing quality products that can be relied upon.    

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