Reasons For Virus Creation

In a way computers are just like people. Sure they may be better at math and remembering things, but they are still unreliable and can get sick. When computers get ill it has exactly the same consequences as if a member of the team gets ill.

Computers are essential members of the team in many business transactions. In nature human beings can be made ill by viruses. These viruses are natural and nobody has actually made them, even though some people would have you believe otherwise. So where do computer viruses come from?

Where Are Computer Viruses From?

A computer is a man made device, so where do these viruses come from? These are not affected by the same viruses we are. Computer viruses are manmade; more specifically, a computer programmer created them.

Programmers write useful programs too. But every single virus is written by a programmer who knows exactly what they are up to. Learning where computer viruses come from can actually protect you from danger.

Why Are Viruses Created?

Viruses are created for a number of reasons. It might be to demonstrate that they are a good programmer and to become famous. The vast majority of viruses, however, are written for criminals. These viruses are designed to con you out of money by copying various pieces of your personal information.

Viruses can be used to find out your credit card numbers, passwords, or bank account numbers. Viruses can also be used to download large files through your internet connection without you realizing. This means that they can look at illegal content without getting caught.

Other viruses will send lots of spam email and other messages to you. As there are so many different types of viruses it can be difficult to predict what it will actually do until you know its name and search for its details on the internet.

Viruses can either just be very annoying pieces of software or they can be designed to steal money and your identity from you. Whatever the virus does, you will want to make sure that you avoid it at all costs.

Is It Illegal To Create A Virus

Viruses are illegal in most countries all around the world. Computer programmers who write viruses are dealt with severely. This is especially important when the programs are written to swindle people out of money.

Avoiding Viruses

You need to protect your computer from viruses. The first step is to be careful what you click on and download from the internet. It's also important to get yourself a great virus scanner and firewall.

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Spyware has many ways of getting onto your computer, such as:

When you download programs - particularly freeware, or peer-to-peer sharing programs.

More covertly, spyware can install itself just by you visiting certain sites, by prompting you to download an application to see the site properly.

ActiveX controls. These pesky spyware makers will prompt you to install themselves while using your Internet browser