What Do Trojans Do?

Anyone using a computer should be aware of the many dangers that come with such use. While many computer users are fully aware of viruses they are less knowledgeable about Trojans.  Find out more about why Trojans are such a danger to computer users everywhere.

Trojan Horses

Trojan horses get their name from Greek mythology. This was a wooden horse which was used by Greek soldiers to enter the city of Troy. The modern Trojan horse is a computer program which sneaks onto your computer. These applications are often included with other useful programs which you might download or the user will be tricked into downloading the Trojans by mistake.

How Trojans Work

Once a Trojan is opened it will create a secret backdoor into your computer. This allows hackers to easily access your computer. It also gives the hackers a great way to put additional viruses or software onto your computer.

Many Trojans also include keyloggers so that they can find out what you've been typing. This may not seem like a huge issue at first. However, they will be able to use this to discover your credit card numbers and other private information.

Some Trojans can even turn your webcam on so that the hackers can get a good look at your face. Trojan horses are very scary pieces of software but how do these applications get onto your computer in the first place?

Method Of Infection

Most computers get infected with spyware because the user downloads something from the internet. They are either bundled with useful applications or users are tricked into downloading them. Trojans are most likely to be installed alongside freeware applications which is why it's so important to be careful whenever installing anything.

Protecting Your Computer

To protect your computer from Trojans you need to get yourself a high quality virus scanner. You should also make sure you install a firewall as this will prevent hackers from accessing your computer in the first place.

Also use your common sense and make sure you're very careful whenever you're downloading anything from the internet. Never download anything unless you trust it, and make sure that it's from a trusted source. Also avoid downloading anything illegally as these often include some nasty extras.

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