What Online Virus Scan is Good for Your Computer?

Aside from the numerous financial scams and attempts at identity theft, viruses are the biggest threat to anyone surfing the internet.  These programs are unique and often malicious in nature, capable of inflicting irreversible damage to your system.  Virus writers have become so advanced that an infection can be installed and executed without your knowledge.  This is why you should be equipped with the tools needed to learn if your system has been corrupted.  If there is no anti-virus software protecting your computer, there are many freely available online virus scans that may be utilized. 

Choosing the Right Online Scanner

When looking to perform an online scan, it is very critical to first learn a bit more about the site itself.  You would be surprised at the large number of individuals abusing the anti-virus industry.  These people prey off fears of the consumer, luring them into using malicious scanners that download viruses, spyware and more.  It is very wise to only visit sites that are well known for their services and have a solid reputation to back it up.  Perform an online search and find out what prominent software reviewers and users are saying about them. 

After finding a trusted website, you need to devout special time to perform the scan.  This should be at a time when other programs are not functioning.  The internet connection typically causes both processes to interfere with each other, slowing down the scan and what ever program you're using.  The best advice here is to let the scan work it's magic before attempting to use the computer. 

You may also encounter a few sites that carry ulterior motives behind their free service.  In this scenario, the virus scanner is free to use at your leisure, yet a fee is required to eliminate any detected threats.  This can be rather unsettling if you actually do have a virus ailing your computer.  When placed in this unfortunate situation, you generally have two options: buckle down and buy the service to cure your system, or invest in your own anti-virus solution.   

Other Options

Many Internet Providers and computer distributors provide their clients with quality anti-virus software with the purchase of new service.  The contract is usually for a one-year subscription, from in which you must reactivate when the time expires.  This is a good option that will save you a few dollars in the beginning while keeping your computer safe for the time being.

Implementing your own security system isn't a bad idea either.  In most cases, this is the best option.  Many of the more known products come included with free updates, keeping you current with the latest virus definitions.  More of them have also become compatible with other types of scanners that specialize in detecting spyware or malware in general. 

These days, protecting a computer from the threat of viruses should be a priority for all of us.  Whether it's a free scanner, an online utility or a deluxe internet security suite, you should invest in one right away and put it to action as soon as possible.  

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