Protecting Innocent Eyes From Adult Spam

If you have children then keeping them protected from dangers is a full time job. This has been made a whole lot more difficult thanks to the internet and you probably want to make sure that your children don't have access to any of the unsavory content on the internet.

Protecting Your Kids From Adult Websites

Protecting your children from accessing adult websites is fairly easy by using parental software. This software requires a password to access certain sites. You can also prevent access to certain websites by banning access to particular sites.

There is, however, something much more worrying which is beyond your control. This is a problem caused by emails because it's impossible to prevent your children from receiving them.

Adult Emails

Although your children may try to access adult websites, it is possible to prevent this. Adult spam on the other hand simply means that your children will get given this information without actually requesting it. It's also very difficult to prevent your children accessing email.

Why Adult Spam

The most common source of adult spam is from adult websites trying to attract new users. They do this illegally by spamming people. In most countries this is illegal, however as the internet is global it's impossible to police everything.

Adult spam is sent out to lots of different email addresses and it doesn't care how old the person is. To protect your children from adult spam then you will need to use spam blocking software. Spam protection filters can be used to block not only adult spam but also other types of spam.

Check Your Current Protection

Most email providers and ISP's provide some level of spam protection for their users. If you already have this protection then it might just be a matter of turning the option on. These filters work by placing all of your junk emails into a separate folder.

Specialist Software

There are also specialist spam blockers which can be installed on your computer. These can protect your children against adult spam and will ensure that your children are protected from this content. The specialist software will have customizable features where you can change the various settings and prevent your children from being able to read these emails.

Spam is a major problem that affects millions of mail boxes all around the world. You need to make sure that you are doing everything possible to prevent your children's mailboxes from filling up with unsuitable messages.

Spam filters will also prevent your children from falling for a number of scams which are often sent out as emails. Children might be too naive to realize that these scams won't really work and so they really need to be protected.

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86% of email addresses posted on websites are used by spammers to send unsolicited emails?

63% of all "Remove me from your list" requests are not honored.

Spam accounted for 80% of all e-mail received in 2004, up from 62% in 2003