Spam Blocker: How to Block Spam

A spam blocker can be an effective manner in which to cope with unwanted email. This anti spam software is different from spam filter programs in that it functions by blocking the majority of all incoming spam. But how exactly does a spam blocker work and what features should you look for in spam blocker software? Is there free anti spam software available and how does this compare to the average cost of spam blockers?

What is a Spam Blocker?

A spam blocker is a system that prevents you from receiving spam email. Generally, spam block prevents 90% of unwanted email from reaching your inbox, including viruses and other unwanted messages. Some systems can even delete 99% of spam.

How Does a Spam Blocker Work?

Spam block software programs function through your mail server email account, inspecting your account for spam emails, deleting both viruses and obvious spam email, such as those containing adult content and images.

In addition, messages deemed unsure are quarantined; these are generally bulk newsletters. Such spam email is usually quarantined in a special folder either until you take action or for a period of 30 days. If you take action – for example, by deleting the email – these actions will be remembered and stored in order to create new, adaptive filtering rules.

What Features Should I Look for in a Spam Blocker?

When choosing a spam blocker, look for a program that is compatible with your email service.

In addition, you should also consider such factors as the level of blockage provided, ease of installation and use, as well as the cost of the spam block program.

What’s the Difference Between a Spam Blocker and a Spam Filter?

A spam filter organizes email identified as spam into folders so that you may respond to them as you wish.

In comparison, a spam blocker prevents you from receiving most spam so that you won’t have to take the time to delete them. The latter is usually favored by individuals who prefer not to deal with spam at all.

What are Some of the Benefits of Installing A Spam Blocker?

A spam blocker is generally easy to install and does not require further configuration.

In addition, it allows you to keep your existing email address.

Because it deletes spam, it minimizes the amount of time spent dealing with unwanted email and also reduces the risk of a virus infecting your computer.

What is the Cost of A Spam Blocker?

Generally, a spam blocker requires a monthly fee. The cost of this fee depends on the level of protection as well as additional features that the program includes.

On average, a spam blocker can range in price from $2.99 to $20 per month.

However, many software companies offer limited free trials that allow you to download a free spam blocker for a period on average of between 15 to 30 days.


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