How Vundo Works and How to Remove It

Vundo is a trojan that comes from the family of Virtumonde viruses that spread files with malicious intent in your PC's operating system. Vundo produces advertisement pop-ups even when your pop-up blocker is activated, installs bogus antivirus programs into your PC, reduces the speed of your PC, and usually accompanies other trojans and viruses from the Virtumonde family.

How Vundo Works

Although Vundo is a malware type that has existed for some time, the method it uses to enter your PC is virtually unknown. Although tracking the origin of Vundo has been difficult, some believe it is possible that the virus enters your system through older versions of Java or websites that contain a massive amount of traffic. The Windows operating system has been vulnerable to a Vundo attack due to the fact that the virus is capable of breaching the firewall that is provided by Windows operating systems.

When Vundo is inserted into your PC's operating system, it arbitrarily creates .dll files that are installed in the PC registry and the system32 directory. The files also insert themselves into your computer's memory which makes them virtually invisible.

In addition to displaying pop-up advertisements and bogus antivirus programs, Vundo can disable all of your automatic updates, change your desktop applications and settings, cripple your Task Manager, and prevent access to specific websites.

How to Remove Vundo

Vundo can be difficult to remove since it is unique to every computer it infects. This is because it is a malware type that is capable of naming files that are unique for each computer and does not have a specific protocol for infection. It also changes its definitions on a frequent basis which makes it very difficult to completely remove with a standard virus removal program.

The best way to try and remove Vundo is with a program such as Vundofix or with an antivirus program that contains a Heuristic scanner that is capable of identifying all unique files and how they run on your PC. The other alternative is to completely wipe your hard drive clean and start anew again.

How to Prevent a Vundo Attack

The best way to prevent a Vundo attack is to make sure you are deploying antivirus software and other software applications that are genuine and authorized by the real manufacturers. Also, you should make sure the software is downloaded from the authentic manufacturer's website that is secured. In addition to an antivirus program, deploy a spyware removal tool and use a secure browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

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