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How Ucleaner Works and How to Remove It

Ucleaner is a type of scareware that tries to scare you into downloading the software by sending you messages that there are multiple security threats to your PC. Ucleaner presents itself in the form of a pop-up that advertises for a free scan of your PC to remove security threats and other malware that it claims to have detected in your PC.

How Ucleaner Works

Ucleaner is malware that installs itself on your PC when you click on the pop-up advertisements that claim your PC is infected. Ucleaner contains spyware that will run in the background on your PC often without your knowledge and consists of large files that take up a significant amount of space on your PC and cause it to run sluggishly. The spyware can gather information about you or deploy a keylogger that will keep track of all of your keystrokes while the UCleaner software diverts your attention by claiming to enhance the security of your PC.

Ucleaner can also occupy a significant amount of your central processing unit resources, change your home page, and gain complete control of your PC through hidden files in the registry. Shareware and freeware programs can also accompany a download of Ucleaner along with hijacks to websites that are unscrupulous.

How to Remove Ucleaner

Ucleaner can be difficult to remove due to the size of its files and the hidden files that are installed in your PC's registry without your knowledge.

  • Block In your Internet Explorer settings make sure you block the Ucleaner website. You can do this by clicking on "Tools" on the main toolbar of your browser and then selecting "Options" from the menu. When the Internet Options window opens, choose the "Privacy" tab and then click on "Sites." In the "Sites" window, type in the Ucleaner website URL and then choose "Block." Click "OK."
  • Remove Ucleaner Files: Discontinue all programs by opening your Task Manager window and ending all of the programs that are running. You can access the Task Manager by pressing your Ctrl and Alt keys and then pressing the Delete key.
  • Remove Registry Keys: Remove all of the Ucleaner files from your PC's registry by clicking on "Start" on your main toolbar and then choosing "Run" from the menu. Type "regedit" into the dialog box to open your registry editor. Delete all of the files that are associated with Ucleaner.

  • Run a Registry Cleaner and Spyware Removal Program: To make certain all of the files have been removed it is a good idea to run a registry cleaner and reputable spyware removal program. The registry cleaner will restore your registry and the spyware removal will scan for any leftover files and then remove them from the operating system.
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With the advent of wireless Internet, more and more computer users are entering the world of cyber space.

Yet, while these users are well aware of the importance of the protection of their computer when hooked up to regular internet providers, they are often oblivious to the fact that the same cyber dangers, and in fact even more, exist in the world of WiFi.

What you may not know is that same Internet connection that makes it possible to check your email from the comfort of your bed also makes it easier for hackers to access your personal information.

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