Firefox Parental Controls

Firefox and the Mozilla suite currently do not feature integrated content filtering, pornographic or website blocking features. There are also no Firefox parental controls. However, the team remains committed to providing a safe web browsing environment for children. Thanks to the browser's add-on feature, you can implement Firefox parental controls yourself. Additionally, web filtering applications can be added to block any internet program.


Glubble is a free Firefox parental control add-on that helps to protect children under the age of 12. Instead of using filtering technology, it's based on an "allow sites" concept, where groups approve sites into categories known as Glubbles. It enables remote access to easily manage your child's web browsing activities on the Firefox web browser.

Glubble protects your children in many ways. One feature automatically removes search results that do not match the allowed sites in the Glubbles category. Instead, it returns deep-linked results to sites that will appeal to your child with educational and entertaining content. Glubble also comes with a built-in roaming function to keep your children protected on different computers. To get the most out of this feature, you must have Firefox installed on each computer.

Furthermore, Glubble comes with a pre-installed set of websites that are recommended as being suitable for children 12 or younger. You can delete these sites or add to them and customize your child's online experience.

ProCon Latte

ProCon is another free FireFox parental control that helps keep your children safe online. Scripted by Corvineum, this add-on is based on an early filtering application called BlockXXX. ProCon Latte uses a blacklist/whitelist system to block and permit access to websites. The Wildcards feature allows you to identify specific patterns in keywords and phrases and use them to manage a list of websites. For instance, you can blacklist all sites that include terms like "porn" or "XXX." This utility holds a list of inappropriate terms, removes them from a web page and replaces them with "***" (asterisks). This feature is easy to configure and very useful for both children and their parents. Take note that this filter does not automatically block sites that contain profane terms. These sites must be manually added to your blacklist.


BlockSite is an add-on that can be automatically configured to block the websites of your choice. It also has the ability to disable all hyperlinks for blocked sites by displaying only the link text and taking away its clicking functionality. While BlockSite is useful, it's not a recommended Firefox parental control because it isn't completely secure and can be easily disabled or removed.


FoxFilter is a content filter used to keep your kids from stumbling upon inappropriate content. It has the ability to block access to specific content and sites. FoxFilter includes password-protect features to access and secure critical settings.

FoxFilter 5.5 comes included with a whitelist feature that allows parents or school teachers to designate a list of sites a child can access.

While Firefox has no parental controls of its own, its scalability allows you to implement a number of different options to ensure the safety of your children online. Because of this, Firefox remains one of the most reliable web browsers available.


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