Sony Playstation Parental Controls

Sony has once again revolutionized the video game industry with its Playstation 3. The lineup of games is better than ever, the console comes with an integrated Blu-Ray HD disc player and even provides internet access. Although it is one of the most advanced and widely used game systems on the market, the PS3 poses a serious threat to the safety of your children. Many of the games are quite graphic, filled with blood, gore, real-life violence and even sexual content. In fact, only a small amount of these games are actually appropriate for children.

If you have young children or even teenagers that access this console, it is imperative to set up Sony Playstation parental controls. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

Unlike most popular video game consoles, the Sony Playstation 3 does not employ a recommended rating system from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Instead, the system relies on numbered ratings from 1 to 11. Though effective, this system can be very confusing to some parents. Anywhere from 5 to 7 is the equivalent to the T for "Teens" rating used by other systems. Before choosing a level, you may want to explore a few games to determine which one is appropriate for your children.

To set parental controls for the Sony Playstation 3, simply follow the directions below:

Step 1: Turn on the game console and enter the main menu. Navigate left and select the "Settings" menu. You will notice that the icon looks similar to a suitcase.

Step 2: Next, navigate down to the "Security Settings" menu. The icons for this menu are represented by a wrench and keyhole.

Step 3: From the Security Settings menu, navigate down and select "Parental Controls." This is the second option from the bottom of the interface. It should be recognizable the by the "wrench" icon.

Step 4: You will be prompted to input a 4-digit password in the Parental Control area. Since we are assuming this your first time, enter the default PS3 password of "0000." This will give access to numerous Playstation parental controls.

In the Parental Control area, you can enter a number for the level of access you want to grant for your children. As mentioned above, T-rated games fall around level 5 though this isn't always the case. Lower numbers would represent E through E-10 games.

After setting rating levels, you will be taken back to the Security Settings menu. Navigate your way up the screen and select "Change Password." Once again, you want to enter the default password of "0000." This will allow you to enter a password of your own. Try to think of something that's easy to remember but can't be easily guessed. After entering the password, you will be prompted to enter it a second time for confirmation.

From here, your password is set. The Playstation parental controls will only allow your children to play games set at the levels you determined and lower. In order to play a game with a higher rating, you must enter the password.


Though we want our children to enjoy quality entertainment in the way of games and computer activities, we want them to be safe as well. It's good to know that the video game industry has recognized the importance of security as indicated with the new Sony Playstation parental controls.

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