Fake Anti-Spyware Programs: Are You At Risk?

Given the annoyances and dangers to your computer's security that spyware causes, you probably want to find a spyware remover as quickly as you can. But don't be too hasty; because when you're looking to download an anti-spyware application (for free or otherwise), it cannot be stressed enough that you need to do your research first.

Malicious programmers have produced large numbers of fake anti-spyware programs; they've even advertised them on the internet using banners that warn the viewer that his computer is infected by spyware and he must download their product to remove it. This fake anti-spyware software does not actually remove any spyware. Instead, buyers pay for nothing and the creator makes easy money. The fake may even be spyware itself, especially if the fake is a free download. So use caution before you download anything, and do your research using a number of different sources to make sure you aren't about to download any rogue software.

Here is a list of known offenders so far:

  • AntiVirus Gold
  • AVsystemcare
  • ContraVirus
  • DriveCleaner
  • ErrorSafe
  • PAL Spyware Remover
  • Pest Trap
  • PSGuard
  • Spy Sheriff
  • Spy Wiper
  • SpyAxe
  • Spydawn
  • Spylocked
  • SpywareStrike
  • SysProtect
  • SystemDoctor
  • UltimateCleaner
  • WinAntiSpy
  • WinFixer
  • WorldAntiSpy

    Some fake anti-spyware programs even masquerade as well known programs such as Spybot Search and Destroy or AdAware SE Personal. So be familiar with the well-known program you choose before you download, and make sure you download your spyware remover from the most direct source you can - the producer's website.

    But despite these imposter programs, there are a number of great spyware removers out there. Don't be completely weary of all free anti-spyware programs, because there are a few on the internet that are actually just as good as spyware removers that you buy, and they don't contain any spyware themselves. But do your research first. You may want to check out our anti-spyware software reviews to make a software choice that's right for you.

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