How Peer Guardian Works

Peer Guardian is a software application that provides added security to file sharing activities by preventing IP addresses that can cause damage and violate your privacy from connecting with you. It can also prevent other users from viewing the files that you are sharing with others as well as your other online activities. Peer Guardian is also capable of blocking the installation of adware and spyware into your PC and will keep you updated with the latest IP addresses that are harmful to your PC.

How Peer Guardian Works

Peer Guardian is an open source software application that blocks the IP addresses of specific organizations through the use of an IP filter. The IP filter tracks and monitors IP addresses that invade your privacy while you are using a file sharing application and conducting regular online activity. It also specifically blocks the IP addresses of educational and governmental institutions and IPs that are used by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) to track your file sharing activities.

Peer Guardian can be installed from the Phoenix Labs website and does not require the installation of any drivers. The software applications blocks IP addresses that have been blacklisted and collected through many different methods. Peer Guardian maintains a list of these IP addresses of certain organizations and companies and provides users with updates on the latest IP addresses that have been added to the list.

Peer Guardian can be set to launch every time you start up your PC or you can launch it at your discretion. Once it is installed, it runs in the background of your PC and does not affect the operation of other programs you are currently running. Like other programs, Peer Guardian is not completely foolproof due to the fact that it may not block IP addresses that have not been added to the list, so it is possible for someone to track your file sharing activities prior to their IP address being added to the list.

Peer Guardian Features

Some of the features that make Peer Guardian a safe bet for guarding yourself against file sharing spies include the ability to detect and close off the connections of harmful IP addresses and block out these types of IP addresses by default. The program also customizes the IP address lists to ensure you receive the latest updates and guards your PC against adware and spyware that can enter your PC through file sharing applications without your knowledge.

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Stay up-to-date on all system updates.

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