Types of internet crime

What is Internet Crime?

Internet crimes are very serious and these involve the utilization of information technology for unlawful reasons. Internet crimes either use computers or attack computers. There are many different types of internet crimes and frauds, and all of these attack in a slightly different way.

Different Types Of Internet Crimes

Here is a list of unusual kind of PC crimes. Some of these are more common than others. It's important to spend time looking at how you can secure your computer against these internet crimes so that your data is secure.


Hacking includes gaining illegal entry into a PC system. Nowadays, the hacking of IP addresses is very universal as it permits the hacker to imagine a fake online character and carry out illegal dealings exclusive of using his factual individuality.


Nowadays electronic mails sent across to innocent customers deceive them by making them think that the electronic mails are from genuine internet sites. Phishing attacks are where emails are sent from a trusted source which will then trick you into giving them your information. Phishing can easily cause identity theft.

Identity Theft

A large number of identity theft crimes occur over the internet.  Criminals can get a hold of your personal information through your computer and then set up fake bank accounts or take out loans in your name.

Cyber Stalking

This is where the web is used to follow a person just like someone would do in the real world. A cyber stalker can read your emails and watch which sites you view.

Website Cloning

Website cloning is the duplication of a website for criminal use.  Often times website cloning will take the form of known  chat room or trade sites so that people will either unknowingly give information to the criminal or make a "fake" purchase, willingly giving money for a product that does not actually exist.

Preventing Scams

It is vital that you protect your computer from phishing scams so that you can protect your computer and your identity. If anyone gets a hold of your identity then they will be able to take out loans in your own name. This means that they will spend money that you will ultimately have to repay.

You might not regard the health of your computer as very important, however the data stored on it is very valuable. The information on your computer is private and should not be divulged to third parties.

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In 2003, more than 10 million Americans fell victim to identity theft.

Identity theft costs business and individuals $53 billion dollars annually

In 2003, Americans spent 300 million hours resolving issues related to identity theft.

70% of all identity theft cases are perpetrated by a co-worker or employee of an affiliated business.