Network Security Concerns

Networks used to be something that only businesses had. However, more and more people now have home networks since this is an easy way to have an internet connection.  But how can you protect the security of your home network?

What Is A Network?

A network is a type of connection which is used to connect many computers together. This allows computers to interact with one another and share information. The internet is perhaps the largest network in the world today.

If you have a network of computers then this means that all of your computers could be attacked in one go. Network hacking is very common and worms can easily spread through entire networks.

Securing Your Network

If you do have your own home network, then it's important for you to secure it. Your home network will be exposed to the internet and if people access it then they can compromise the security of your computer.

Most people know about network security but few people are able to secure their network without asking lots of questions. Network security is something that you must take very seriously. If you don't take security seriously then this could expose your personal details and data to hackers.

Many people have firewalls on their computer and they believe that this is all they need to do. However, you must make sure you update the software on a regular basis to make sure any security holes are patched as quickly as possible. Virus scanners need to be updated regularly in order to work properly.


A firewall is a very important application to install on your computer. All desktop computers must have a firewall, especially if they are connected to the internet. A firewall provides a secure barrier to protect you from online threats and is designed to block any unauthorized network traffic from the internet.


One of the best ways to protect your computer is to keep your computer fully updated. You need to update your antivirus software and also need to update your operating system. If you run windows then there are a number of security holes which need patching.

These security holes can be patched by using windows update. Network security is possible and does work very well; however it requires some time to manage. You will need to devote some of your time to managing your network security campaign. You will also need to use virus scanners and back up your computer to make sure everything is safe and sound.

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With the advent of wireless Internet, more and more computer users are entering the world of cyber space.

Yet, while these users are well aware of the importance of the protection of their computer when hooked up to regular internet providers, they are often oblivious to the fact that the same cyber dangers, and in fact even more, exist in the world of WiFi.

What you may not know is that same Internet connection that makes it possible to check your email from the comfort of your bed also makes it easier for hackers to access your personal information.

It is for this reason, the sharing of the wireless Internet connection, that protecting your computer when wireless is even more important than ever before.