Inside Jobs of Identity Theft

Identity theft has quickly become one of the most detrimental crimes in existence.  As technology evolves, so does the methods implemented by thieves.  The stealing of personal and financial information is costing billions of dollars to millions of consumers.  Those who fall prey to this menacing act often have a difficult time climbing out of debt and reclaiming their lives. 

The most troubling fact about identity theft is that you may be a victim and not even realize it until considerable damage has been inflicted.  It is more disturbing to know that newborn babies, senior citizens, and even the deceased are often targeted for the crime.  These individuals make perfect candidates because the fraudulent use of their personal information may go undetected for longer periods of time, if at all. 

The Business of Identity Theft

Far too often, personal records are thieved as the result of an inside job.  This occurs when employees who have access to sensitive data steal consumer information in order to turn profits.  The thought is rather tempting, as the stolen data can get them anywhere from $10 to $100 per credit report or record.  The criminals who purchase these records are able to turn larger profits.  They use this personal information to open credit and bank accounts, obtain home loans or purchase a large amount of goods with the intent of fencing the merchandise for cash. 

Inside jobs are becoming more difficult to detect and prevent due to outsourcing.  Several foreign call centers place personal information at the risk of being used with fraudulent intent.  The F.B.I recently reported that a growing number of the identity theft scams that are abundant in the United States actually originate from overseas. 

Inside Jobs in the Medical Field

Identity theft has become a major problem in the medical practice.  While this is often the case when a patient attempts to use another identity to receive medical treatment or prescriptions, it also occurs when doctors or staff members sell a patient's information to members of the black market.  The information is then used to create fraudulent records or to obtain items and drugs to sell on the street.  Needless to say, this is a very profitable crime for all parties with the exception of the legitimate patient.   

Preventing Inside Jobs

When it comes to stopping identity theft caused by inside jobs, management must play a huge role in the prevention process.   Staff members at a doctor's office or hospital can do this by always asking patients to provide valid photo identification.  Once the word spreads that the practice is enforcing strict verification protocol, identity thieves will be more reluctant to attempt the crime.  Management in other fields may want to implement systems in which one administrator has access to sensitive data.  Active cameras should also be installed where ever important information is being handled. 

Identity theft is difficult to prevent in any form.  This crime is even harder to stop when it originates from within a company.  The best strategy against inside jobs is to accept the possibility and prepare for it. 

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