Removing the Win32-Heur Virus

There are many different types of viruses which can affect computer users all around the world. All viruses are designed to make your computer do something that it shouldn't normally do and many of these can cause damage and harm to your data. Win32-Heur is one of the most dangerous viruses around so keep reading to find out how your can avoid infection by this virus.

What is the Win32-Heur Virus?

The Win32-Heur Virus is a lethal computer virus which can infect your computer without you knowing that anything has happened. This virus is capable of changing between various different forms which makes it difficult to detect. It's a Trojan horse virus and often infects computers through file sharing applications.

The Win32-Heur virus affects computers in a number of different ways. You might be redirected to strange and un-trusted websites. You might also notice that your internet is very slow or that your browser closes by itself. Some users may have their desktop wallpaper change automatically.

If you get this virus on your computer then it can be very scary mainly because it could potentially expose your personal information. All of your information is recorded including which sites you visit on the internet. This means that it can display suitable popup ads.

Getting Rid of the Win32-Heur Virus

If you suspect you are suffering from the Win32 Heur virus then it is important you get rid of it as quickly as possible. You should use antivirus, antispyware and registry cleaning software to do this. The antivirus application can scan your computer's hard drive identifying threats and helping to remove them.

A registry cleaner will also help to clear out all traces of the virus so that it doesn't reemerge in your computer again. The registry is a very important component of your computer and you need to look after it well. A registry scanner should also optimize your computer and make it work much quicker.

There are also individual Win32-Heur virus removal tools just in case your virus scanner can't detect this threat. These are normally available from the leading antivirus companies. If you do use these then ensure they are from a trustworthy site.

If you don't already have a virus scanner on your computer then it is essential you get one straight away. You also need to make sure that your virus scanner and operating system is updated on a regular basis. Run windows update to close any security holes in your operating system.

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