What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth, invented by Swedish telecom giant Ericsson, is a short- range wireless technology. With Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect your personal electronic devices, taking wireless technology for personal area networks (PANs) to a whole new level.

So there's no need for you to clutter your office with cables connecting your gadgets – your printer, PC, mobile, fax machine, digital camera, and so on. Because with Bluetooth you have the liberty to place your electronic devices wherever you want.

Bluetooth: It's Name

What is in the meaning of a name? Names usually hold history and importance. Same goes for Ericsson's Bluetooth. Ericsson named its new wireless technology after King Harold Bluetooth. King Bluetooth is famous for his efforts in "unifying" the tribes from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Likewise, Ericsson's Bluetooth technology aims to unify and connect up to eight different personal electronic devices.

What Can Bluetooth Do For You?

Bluetooth gives you the solutions to help you manage your time and juggle your daily tasks. It achieves this by allowing you to get things done while you're on the go by supporting any portable network. So, there's no need for you to carry USB keys with you to transfer work files, pictures, documents to the PC in your bedroom. Because, with Bluetooth you can print photos or documents with your Blue-tooth enabled printer, directly from your digital camera.

The bottom line is Bluetooth allows users to get the most out of their electronic gadgets by giving them more options to how to use their personal electronics. Some of the options Bluetooth technology provides, include:

  • Hands-free headset for voice calls
  • Improved printing and fax options
  • Mobile phone application

Features of Bluetooth

Bluetooth gives user many options and solutions to how they could efficiently save time. Some of Bluetooth's key features that make it so popular among users, include its:

  • Low power
  • Low Cost
  • Robustness

Bluetooth technology has also gained global acceptance, meaning any device equipped with Bluetooth technology can connect to another Bluetooth equipped device, as long as it's in proximity.

To find out how does Bluetooth technology works visit our FAQ about Bluetooth article.

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