Hacking Into VPN Connections

Virtual Private Networks are very common in the business world. You might not know them by their full name but you have probably heard of VPN at some time in your career. A VPN is where technology is used to create a secure tunnel through a public network such as the internet. This tunnel will then be used to link together two networks.

Advantages Of VPN

There are a number of uses and advantages of VPN connections. The most obvious advantage is the security offered by these connections. Whenever data is transmitted over the public network it is encrypted so that it is fully secure. The VPN tunnels can only be used by permitted people which will keep the network access limited.

Uses for VPN

VPN connections are commonly used to allow employees to sign into their network from home. This is beneficial if they want to continue work but are away from their workstation.

The secure nature of the connection means that information cannot be intercepted easily.


The way that VPN works can expose your network to potential hacking even though you have minimised the risks. You will be opening up tunnels into your network known as VPN tunnels.

These are how people from the outside world connect into your network. VPN is quite confusing and can take a while to set up. You will be given IPSEC security keys or other credentials to log into the network.

Once you are logged in it will be as if you are sitting at your desk at work. You will have access to all connected shared network resources. This will include servers, printers and network storage.

There have been some cases of VPN networks being hacked into but this was normally because the wrong settings were used. Nothing is completely secure and you can only possibly do your best to secure the connection.

Securing Your Protection

SSL or Secure Socket Layer VPN connections can be used to protect your network data. This means that the data is encrypted whenever it is transmitted over the public network.

VPN is a very popular system and is fairly secure. When you are choosing the authentication details it is important that you do so carefully. Make sure that your network is as secure as possible. If hackers can access your VPN then they will be able to do anything they want.

If you do set up a VPN server then you must install a firewall application to protect the open ports on your server.

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