Test Restore and Its Importance in a Network Backup System

Test restore is a process that is performed on a frequent basis to ensure the network backup system is working at the optimum level. There are a variety of issues that can cause a backup system to malfunction which includes failed backup software, incomplete data backup failure, or an upgrade that causes an abnormality in the backup system, to name a few issues.

Important Considerations for Test Restore

There are a few important points to consider when performing test restore from backup system capacities. It is necessary to design the backup according to the restoration process of the data. The backup systems that are designed for the network will only be as good as the methods that are used to restore data in the event of data loss.

  • Identify What Should Be Backed Up: A good test restore from backup system capacities begins with identifying what is to be backed up and when. Usually primary data for backup includes the operational data which is utilized by multiple software programs, development data that includes source codes and scripts, operating data, software products that include updates, upgrades and patches, user data, and reporting systems.

Careful attention to detail is important when developing the list of items to be backed up because the smallest omission could cause an organization to lose a significant amount of data. A backup definition list should also be created to accompany the list of items to be backed up. The list should include backup frequencies, when to perform backups, and the types of backup.

  • Identify What Should Be Submitted to Testing Restore: It is also necessary to identify the specific data that should be submitted to the testing restore process. This information can be entered into the list of items that need to be backed up which provides the system with a way to identify items for the testing restore list. The list of items to be submitted to testing restore should include a plan that identifies testing frequency and the specific mode of testing. It is also important to make certain that the operating system directly correlates with the version of software being used as well as the structure of the database.

Keep in mind when creating a testing restore list, it is also a good idea to consult with users in the organization because they can tell you what they feel is pertinent data that is related to their work and daily tasks.

As a general rule, testing restore should be performed after any kind of change has been made to the backup and restore system on the network. Although sometimes the change may seem small or insignificant, the smallest change can cause an abnormality in the backup system environment.

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