Product Review: Steganos Password Manager

Managing passwords for all the sites and services you have signed up with can be a challenge. After piling up so many accounts, some users forget the rule of uniqueness and tend to use the same passwords over and over. Not only is there a chance of somebody guessing your password, it's also possible that an intruder using a remote program could gather this data from the files stored on your computer.

Installation and Setup

Steganos offers a solution to the problem of managing the dozen or so passwords you have created for various internet accounts. After a fast and simple installation, the program launches and asks that you create a profile name and master password, the code that will secure your other passwords. The way this programs works, the master password will be the only one needed to access your accounts, meaning it's critical to pick something unique. It will tell you exactly how secure your choice is and also gives you the option of randomly generating a secure password.

The Controls

The interface is straightforward and contains a list of profiles to the left and a number of data input fields to the right. You can create profiles for various categories such as "Personal," "Work," "Shopping," or other convenient terms. It also allows you to create profiles for other users. You can create new entries in each profile with data from numerous sites along with the relevant login details.

Initially, Password Manager isn't the easiest program to use, but there are a number of ways to manage your information. The most straightforward method involves entering your login details for a website as you normally would. Before logging in, rick-click the text box instead of clicking "OK." This will display a menu with "Steganos Password Manager" link which enables you to automatically load that criteria into the software. The next time you visit the site, your login details will be entered automatically, indicated by a dotted blue line around the input fields.

Although it might take some time to populate your profile, you are only required to perform this action once for each site and from there it's automated, a factor that adds great convenience to Password Manager. Additionally, the program lets you copy profiles to removable media, enabling access to your password database on another computer. You can also synchronize this data with PDAs and other portable devices.


Stegano Password Manager comes with a few extra perks as well. One such tool is PicPass which allows you to choose from a combination of images, enabling the program to generate a secure password on your behalf. There is also a feature that lets you create appending fields for details such as an address or credit card information.

This program just wouldn't be effective without security. All of your data including passwords, usernames and other sensitive information is encrypted to keep prying eyes away. The only way it can be accessed is with the master password you created in the beginning. This offers a peace of mind by knowing that your passwords are being efficiently managed and protected at the same time.


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In 2003, more than 10 million Americans fell victim to identity theft.

Identity theft costs business and individuals $53 billion dollars annually

In 2003, Americans spent 300 million hours resolving issues related to identity theft.

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