Set-up Bluetooth on Your Devices and Computers

To enable Bluetooth, you need to set up your electronic devices so they can communicate with each other. Although the exact instructions for each device will vary, the same general instructions apply to each device. We've compiled a quick overview of the general principles to set up your Bluetooth.

Using Bluetooth on Your Devices

In general for handheld devices that support blue tooth technology, such as smartphones or PDAs, you don't need to install extra software to use Bluetooth. You just need to access the device's connectivity configuration menu and turn on the Bluetooth radio . Bluetooth enabled devices, by default have the technology turned off to minimize power usage. Once switched on, a Bluetooth symbol or a small black dot will appear on your device's idle screen. Now, you can also start connecting your device with other Bluetooth enabled devices, send file or messages, and more once.

Bluetooth For Your Computer

To use Bluetooth on your computer, you need to check to see if your computer has Bluetooth hardware installed. If not, you can easily install it by purchasing either a USB-based Bluetooth dongle or a Bluetooth card. Make sure your operating system supports the Bluetooth hardware. Since all operating systems provide different levels of Bluetooth support.

Operating Systems and Bluetooth Support:

Mac OS X: If you use a Mac with Mac OS X operating systems you're in luck. Mac with the Mac OS X comes with built-in Bluetooth technology. You can simply turn it on, by clicking on the Bluetooth icon from the System Preference list.

Windows before XP with SP2 (Service Pack 2): If you use an operating system older than Windows XP with SP2, you will need to install the driver software that comes with your Bluetooth USB key or card. The driver software will let you connect your PC with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Windows XP with SP2 and later: Windows XP SP2 comes with built-in Bluetooth support. When you insert your Bluetooth USB key, you can install the Bluetooth hardware that comes with the operating system. After installation, a Bluetooth icon will appear in the system icon tray. Click on the icon to open the Bluetooth network.

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