How to Protect Your BlackBerry Data

The BlackBerry SmartPhone is being used by millions of users as a means of surfing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, and keeping in touch with contact lists. The increased use of mobile devices by millions of users means news ways for hackers and scammers to steal your data and spy on your actions. Therefore, taking the same security measures as you do for your PC is just as important for your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry SmartPhone Protection Tips

  • Enabling the Password Feature: To enable the password protection feature on a BlackBerry you must do so through the Options menu by clicking through the menu until you arrive at Security Options. Under Security Options you can set your password under the General Settings feature.

In addition to setting your password, the General Settings feature contains a host of other password protection options for securing your BlackBerry such as timeout duration, prompt on application install, and password attempts.

  • Bluetooth Protection: Bluetooth viruses are on the rise and attacks on the BlackBerry are no exception. To protect your BlackBerry from a Bluetooth virus attack, you should shut down the Bluetooth feature when not in use.

There are also steps you can take in the BlackBerry configuration under "Options" in the bluetooth setup feature. Under Options simply click to set "Discoverable" to "No." This feature makes sure that other users cannot locate your BlackBerry through a bluetooth device search.

  • Data Encryption: The BlackBerry configuration contains a "Content Protection" feature under the General Settings in Security Options. You simply enable the feature and then select the strength of security that you wish to implement. You can also protect your address book when you set the strength of the content protection.

  • User IDs and Passwords: BlackBerry provides a Password Keeper Utility for saving user ids and passwords. Make sure you use this feature instead of storing them in the Internet browser that is provided with your BlackBerry. If you use the security features provided with your phone, the data is secure. If you leave the data in your Internet browser it can be accessed from other locations.

  • Memory Cleaning: The Security Options feature allows you to clear the memory on your BlackBerry. This feature is useful for deleting any confidential data such as encrypted documents and messages. In addition, the memory cleaning feature allows you to clear your BlackBerry browser cache, delete unused applications such as pictures, media, phone call and event logs, and previous SMS messages. The memory cleaner is the equivalent of a paper shredder and will not only provide added protection but it will also keep your BlackBerry running efficiently.

  • Content Compression: The Content Compression feature complements the memory cleaning feature because it erases your data footprints. This not only increases the security of your BlackBerry but the compressed files keep it running efficiently as well.
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You can protect your computer from viruses without expensive software. Instead, follow these simple tips:

Stay up-to-date on all system updates.

Don't download any email attachments you weren't expecting.

Avoid freeware and peer-to-peer sharing sites.

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