Please Respond ASAP Scam!

One of our readers had a scam sent out to her friends from her email account saying she was trapped abroad without money and needed help asap. The email even contained her full name and it requested that her friends and family wire her money via Western Union to help get her home. Beware of this email scam and do not wire money!

The Email

Below is the actual email sent, although the name has been blocked out.


Hope you get this on time. Sorry I didn't inform you about my sudden trip to United Kingdom for a program. I'm presently in Penzance and having some difficulties here. Last night, I got mugged at gun point on my way to the hotel where I lodged. They went away with my wallet where I have all my cash and also my cell phone. I wasn't injured because I quickly complied. My traveling documents and other valuables are been apprehended by the hotel management because of my inability to settle bills. I am confused and so full of panic right now. For now, I do not have a phone where I can be reached. All I have got here is my mail. I also have limited access to the computer.
Please I need you to kindly loan me 1,500 pounds to sort-out my hotel bills and other expenses incurred here and get back home soon as I do not feel safe here anymore. I promise to repay immediately on my return. I will explain full details to you when I get back. I will appreciate if you can send to me via western union so that I can receive as quickly as possible on the details below.

Receiver's Names: Nicky ....
Receiver's location: 36b Market Jew Street Penzance, TR18 2HT

Once you get the money transferred, kindly scan me the transfer receipt or write back the transfer details so that I can receive here. Let me know if you can be of any help soon because you are the only person i can reach at this moment and the next flight back home departs in about two days. Hope I can count on you.



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