Winning The Lottery Without Buying A Ticket

Most people dream of being able to win the lottery. There are many people who insist on playing the same numbers every week just in case they win. If you actually managed to win the lottery then you would be extremely excited.


Before we get into lottery scams we should look at how a genuine lottery will work. Lotteries work by charging a certain fee for entry. These fees are then collected and become a jackpot which is given to winners.

If people didn't pay to participate in the lottery then they simply wouldn't be able to exist. The lottery only survives because they receive money from gamblers.

Winning Foreign Lotteries

There are lots of emails doing the rounds at the moment which tell you that you have won a foreign lottery. This may seem wonderful at first, however if you've never even heard about it before then how did you enter?

The odds of winning the lottery may be slim at the best of times. They're even worse if you don't actually buy a ticket.

How Do These Scams Work

These scams are normally very convincing because you receive documents from the lottery which look very official. You will be told that you have won and need to pay some fees so that you can transfer the money to them.

Lottery scams are just another type of advance fee fraud scam and are becoming more and more common. There are many different examples of these scams around and some lottery scams are much more convincing than others.

Some of these scams will even include a check to cover the fees so that you don't have to pay anything yourself. The trouble with this is that once you have sent the fees the check will bounce as high as a mountain. There is no way that this check will ever clear.

Advance Fee Fraud

There are many different advance fee fraud scams out there. These all work slightly differently but have similar things in common. They will all try to tell you that you need to pay some money up front in order to transfer funds.

The fees that you have to pay will never end and you will never get your hands on your money. As these scams are embarrassing, few people actually come forward if they have fallen prey to one of them.


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