How Your PC Gets Infected With Trojans

Computer programs are written for a wide variety of different tasks. Rather worryingly, not all of these programs are kind to your computer. There are a number of pieces of software which can compromise the security of your computer.

What Is A Trojan?

You have probably heard about computer viruses. A Trojan is a special type of virus designed to open a backdoor into your computer. They are named after the Greek Trojan horse because they work in a similar way.

Trojans are installed on your computer without your knowledge. These allow people to easily log into your computer and do a variety of different tasks. Criminals can use Trojans to spy on your computer and find out what you are doing.

It's even possible for these criminals to turn on your webcam and find out what you look like. This software can also be used to steal your credit card details, and potentially your entire identity. Your identity is very valuable and something that you need to be very careful of.

Infecting Your PC With Trojans

Trojans are very easy to get on your computer and usually spread through internet downloads. Fines downloaded from the internet can include Trojans which are installed without your knowledge or approval.

These Trojans are very dangerous and put the data on your PC at risk. Everyone realizes the importance of security on the internet, however many don't realize that their security can be easily compromised. Trojans can put all sorts of information at risk even if the server is secure.

Danger Of Trojans

Trojans are very dangerous for a number of reasons. You enter all sorts of things into your computer. Whenever you pay for anything you will enter your credit card details. It would be very easy for hackers to use Trojans to steal your credit card numbers and all sorts of other information.

Trojans can also be used to steal your passwords, and also spy on you. Sometimes hackers will use these Trojans to install viruses. These can further compromise the security of your PC.

Getting Rid Of Trojans

If you want to get rid of Trojans and protect your computer then you will need a virus scanner. There are many different virus scanners available on the internet. Make sure you carefully choose a virus scanner which will be able to offer ongoing protection.

Don't just stick to virus scanners designed to scan your computer. Make sure the virus scanner you are considering using also has a resident shield. This will protect your computer from danger as you carry on using it. Computers are very useful and that's why you need to protect them from danger.

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Many Internet users are unaware that most anti-virus programs quickly become out of date as new and more sophisticated viruses enter the world of cyber-space everyday.

Anti-virus software must be consistently updated in order to remain effective. In some cases it is necessary to buy an entirely new program to help keep your computer virus free.

Most anti-virus programs allow you to update the original program by downloading the newest and most recent updates to their virus protection system. These updates can then provide protection for your computer against new strands of viruses waiting to infect your computer.