Example Of An Actual Scam

Take a look at this real life email scam so that you can become more familiar with this kind of scam.  Examining first hand such fraud is one of the best ways to prepare for future attacks of scams.  After viewing the content and format of this email scam, you will better be able to spot such tricks so that you can protect yourself from ever falling victim to this sort of scam.

The Scam

Dear Friend,

I am Jerzy Rzedowski, Chief Campaign Officer of the Barack Obama Campaign group. United Kingdom.

I am here to seek your support and assistance in moving some funds I recovered just after the last US presidential election. As you know Barrack Obama has been inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States of America on 20th of January 2009, at the end of the election I discovered my office has some excess funds amounting to 4 million Pounds recovered from donations and grants from Democrats around the world during Our election campaigns and pleas for support, According to plans, The excess funds was to used in clearing debts owed by Mrs. Hillary Clinton during her campaigns programs, Since her campaigns was still raising funds at that time,I taught it wise that the excess funds be served to the poverty stricken children in Iraq and Africa and donate to Charity organizations around the world.

My plea to you is that you assist me get this funds out of the United Kingdom and for your assistance ,you will have 30% of the total money ,This simple transfer process could be arranged in less than 3 working days.

I await your response,

Jerzy Rzedowski.
Chief Campaign Officer,
Barack Obama Campaign Officer.
Plot 2 A Queen Victoria Island districts 2.
London United Kingdom

E-mail :( [email protected])
Phone: +4470359 69385

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