That high-paying job as an email processor just may be an illusion.

There are numerous money making opportunities on the internet.  Some of them are legitimate, many more of them are not.  One such opportunity is an ad that claims you can make anywhere from $5 to $50 per processed email message.  Some of them advertise that potential workers can process as many emails as they want, offering the amazing opportunity to earn an unlimited amount of money.

The reality of the email processing scam

What these services do not disclose is that the emails being processed are spam advertisements.  In order for you to be paid, recipients are entitled to buy the product or service being offered. 

So instead of being paid as advertised, you only make money if their emails are convincing enough to persuade someone into making a purchase.  It may take over one hundred emails to find someone who is actually interested, and another one hundred more before finding someone who is willing to buy it. 

You may also notice that some, if not all of these services request a one-time, non-refundable fee.  In many instances, you will notice that the one-time fee is nearly identical to what you're being paid per processed message.  This may be a case where someone else is required to sign-up you and others in order to be paid.  

By now you realize that making an unlimited amount of money processing emails is a misleading advertisement, one that can be deemed as a scam.  Not only will you have to make an initial payment, you are also required to work hard for money that is not promised.  In a worse case scenario, you may actually provoke a few sales and never receive payment for your efforts.

Email processing is merely a modern-day twist on the old envelope stuffing scam.  You pay a fee, obtain a worthless title and work tediously with minimal or no further compensation.  You wouldn't bring your wallet to pay the foreman conducting an interview at a construction job, so why do it online?  If anything, you will only find yourself contributing to the growing epidemic of spam and having your email account placed on the blacklist. 

Trying the occupation - without any fees 

If you are serious about making money by sending out emails from your home, it's recommended that you look into a program or service where enrollment is free.  By doing this, you can give it a try and learn if this venture is truly for you.  Many people sign up for a program only to find that you have to make a larger investment after getting in.  Maybe they pay an enrollment fee and find that making money isn't as easy as they first perceived. 

In many business that offer legitimate returns, there are typically a couple of fees required to get going.  Advertising is one area where an advanced fee is required more than 90 percent of the time.  While it does take money to make money, your costs do not have to be ridiculous.  The right path is liable to be discovered through trial and error, enabling you to figure out what works and what doesn't.  When you've found your niche, you can apply these tactics over and over and keep the money coming in.       

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