Secure Operating System

Although Windows is one of the most popular operating systems, it doesn't have the best reputation in terms of security. Secure operating systems are important because of the information that we enter into our computers. It's essential that our computers are as secure as possible so that our data is safe and sound.  Find out which operating systems are the most secure so that you can protect your computer.

Is Windows Secure

Windows certainly isn't secure and there have been many reported attacks on Windows machines. Every new version of Microsoft windows has a number of security holes which need to be plugged. These vulnerabilities allow hackers easy access into the computer once they are discovered.


Mac has long used the campaign stating that their operating system is much more secure than Windows. However, this isn't true either. The only reason that Mac OS seems to be more secure is because it isn't used as much.

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world and this means that it receives a lot of attention from hackers as well as computer users. Because most people use Windows, hackers will concentrate on Windows when they are writing viruses and attacking systems.

Mac and Linux are much less popular operating systems and are actually just as insecure as Windows if you study them. There are viruses which can affect Linux and Mac operating systems, although fewer than those that affect Windows, but really no system is 100% safe.

Recent studies have suggested that Mac OS could actually be less secure than other operating systems, and this is a very troubling statistic for many people.

Mac Virus

The very first Mac virus was bundled along with illegal pirated versions of iLife. If Mac users downloaded this application their computer was infected with a Trojan. This Trojan worked in exactly the same way as a PC Trojan by opening a backdoor into your computer which criminals could then use to steal information.

While Apple might claim that Mac's are fully secure, this quite obviously isn't true. Even though the virus only affects a limited number of computers, it has proved that viruses are possible on Mac computers.

Windows has had a very bad name in terms of security but precisely because it has received a lot of attention from hackers, Microsoft has increased its security. Experts say that this has been a major advantage for the Windows operating system and modern versions of Windows are much more reliable than many other operating systems because they have had to deal with so many security breaches.

However, despite which operating system you decide to go with, you must always use a firewall and antivirus to protect your computer.

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