How To Avoid Chain Letters

Everyone works extremely hard to make money to support their families. That's why the promise of quick and easy money is very attractive for lots of people. Scammers have been able to abuse our greed and desire to make some easy money by using chain letters. You need to learn how to avoid chain letters because replying to one of them could be one of the worst decisions that you ever make.

Email Chain Letters

Chain letters have been around for a very long time and these existed even before the internet. Chain letters on the internet though are often sent through email or posted on social networking sites. These all work in a similar way by promising you large profits for a small financial investment.

The way these scams work is that you send the chain letter to so many people and will eventually receive a return on your investment. These are always a con and never work. But, the scammers are very clever at encouraging us that the chain letters are legitimate.

They commonly try to tell you that they didn't think the scam would work at first but decided it was worth the risk. They make it sound like they are not the author of the chain letter in the first place which makes it very convincing. Everyone who reads it will be brainwashed and believe that it's true.

It might also give lots of details explaining how this chain letter can provide ongoing income for you. It also points out just how many people will want to join the chain letter earning you lots of money.

The promises made in chain letters are false and never really exist. You need to make sure that you do everything you can to protect yourself from these scams.

Protection From Chain Letters

Chain letters are just another type of spam and are something that you never want to receive. You can use spam blockers and filters to get rid of these. Spam blockers make it possible to avoid these scams.

The trouble is that some of these chain letters might be sent by your contacts which make it more difficult to use this software to filter out chain letters.

The best way to protect yourself from chain letters is to never open them in the first place. You must use your common sense and realize that you're not going to get any money unless you put in lots of hard work.

You can't afford to believe these chain letters because if you do then you're asking for trouble. Whether or not you get this money back will be completely down to luck.

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