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How Network Attached Storage Works

Network Attached Storage is a backup and storage system that is used within organizations that have a large number of departments that require storage of large amounts of data on a central server. With Network Attached Storage the data storage is configured with its own network address instead of being associated with the department server and the department computer.

How Network Attached Storage Works

A system that does not have Network Attached Storage has the hard disk data storage located on the department server which is attached to the department computer. This type of set up can significantly slow down the processing speed of the applications that are delivered to all of the workstations on the network.

With a Network Attached Storage System the hard disk storage access is located separate from the department server with an exclusive network IP address on a local area network. This allows faster service on the department server for file transfer and business software applications. Data can still be accessed by the client workstations through a file request map that is channeled to the Network Attached Storage system on the local area network server.

Advantages of a Network Attached Storage System

Because a Network Attached Storage system is isolated from the department server and has its own IP address on a local area network, the problems that normally occur with generalized data storage and backup system are reduced. This saves the organization costs on IT personnel because the management of a Network Attached Storage system is simplified.

Instead the management is accomplished through a graphical user interface that is located within a Web browser. Since the interface is part of the browser this allows access to the Network Attached Storage system from anywhere on the network. Additionally the system can be configured to custom file serving requirements which cuts down on the responsibilities of IT administration and further reduces the possibility of errors in the system.

A Network Attached Storage system can also leverage the existing configuration and infrastructure of the current network which eliminates the needs for costly upgrades to the network to accommodate the NAS system.

Network Attached Storage Security

Like a Storage Area Network system, a Network Attached Storage system is separate from the main server except, in the case of an NAS, it is separate from the department server which is a component of the main server system. Both of the storage systems provide a way for the main servers to operate at maximum bandwidth because the backup and storage is on a separate server system. The separate server configuration adds to the security of storage and data because it is located off the main servers where hackers are least likely to attack.

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